Canonsburg CrossFit is the newest member to the CrossFit family in the south hills of Pittsburgh. We have become an affiliate to take our clients to the next level in their training. Whether you have become bored with your own gym or haven't seen the results you have been looking to achieve, we are your answer. Our team of college graduate certified trainers are ready and waiting to give you the unconventional workout you have been trying to find. Not everyone responds to the same training and that is where the true trainer shines. Let us show you where you can go and what you can achieve.



Notes: Please notify us of any recommendations of class times, ideas, ext.



Single class: $15
Unlimited crossfit: $125 / month
Unlimited core + speed: $80 / month
Punchcard 10: $150


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About Us


Canonsburg CrossFit is a training facility based on well sounded principles of functional exercises and the proper use of strength equipment. Proper technique and form produce results and that is our goal. Whether you are new to the exercise community or a seasoned veteran dying for something new, our facility can provide that. Our trainers have worked with teams and single clients in the south hills for years. They can offer you the best in improving your strength, endurance, power, balance and stamina.

Our facility is a total of 4500 sq feet, 3000 sq ft is indoor turf where we hold our CrossFit classes and team fitness. The other 1500 sq ft encompasses our other equipment including high speed unweighting treadmills and vibratory plates. Our high speed treadmill has a maximum speed of 31 mph. Whole body vibration is one of the newest trends in exercise and rehabilitaion. It activates both slow and fast twitch muscle fibers while you exercise on it to double your workout when using it. It is being used by professional teams all over the world and has been used by NASA.




Phone: 724-312-9331
2510 Washington Rd
Canonsburg, PA. 15317